Thursday, 1 April 2010

This Only Works on One Day of the Year.

Write down a three digit number. Each digit must be different. The difference between the first and last digit must be great than one. This is number ‘A’. Reverse the order of the digits of ‘A’ to create a second number. This is number ‘B’. Subtract the smaller number from the greater. You now have a third number, ‘C’. Reverse the digits of ‘C’ to create a fourth number, ‘D’. Add ‘C’ and ‘D’ together. The result is number ‘E’. Multiply ‘E’ by 1,000,000. The result is number ‘F’. Subtract 966,685,433 from ‘F’.

Substitute the digits with the appropriate letter from the following list: 1=L, 2=O, 3=F, 4=I, 5=R, 6=P, 7=A. Read the result backwards.

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