Friday, 27 December 2013

Goodbye LaBaL

The LaBaL was a 'Now and Then Quarterly Magic Magzine' (magazine-fanzine) published by Al Smith, and which ran for ten years. It was the successor to Abacus. It featured news, opinion, articles, opinion, magic tricks, opinion, reviews, opinion and more.

In 2013, Al announced he was retiring The LaBaL - perhaps for a new publishing project. In its last issue (October 2013), Al included a thank you to all those that have contributed articles regularly over the years. It is worth repeating that list here (in alphabetical order):

Ian Barradell, Steve Cook, Roger Crosthwaite, Roger Curzon, Eddie Dawes, Keith Downs, Peter Duffie, Alan Francis, Alan Gardiner, Brian Glover, Paul Gordon, Tony Griffith, Paul Hallas, John Helvin, Mike Hopley, Justin Higham, Paul Ingram, Jack Jansen, Lewis Jones, Peter Kane, Walt Lees, Phil Ogden, Jon Racherbaumer, Nick Trost, Stephen Tucker, Chris Wardle and Roger Woods.

I, for one, shall miss the magazine.