John Helvin was born in Swindon, Wiltshire, in the United Kingdom. He is a graduate having earned a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Humanities with Classical Studies. Prior to that he earned a Diploma in Classical Studies. He is an artist, author, editor and magician. He has always been somewhat reclusive and, until recent years, always used a pseudonym when performing magic. 

Among a varied career the greater part of his work experience has been related to book selling and sales in some way. In the 1980s, whilst studying under the tutelage of Selene Lunetta, he was a part-time apprentice to the Howard brothers. Ed Howard providing training in art and design in publishing whilst Bob Howard trained him in editing, book design and sales. John Helvin became the head editor of Apocrypha in the late 1980s.

Much later, due to personal tragedies, John Helvin re-evaluated his life and sought a new career. He tried various jobs and eventually accepted a job in criminal law. However, after six years in that field of work he decided to go back to the world of books.

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