Sunday, 17 February 2013

Change of Web Address

As of today, the web address of my Ebay shop has changed. This is due to my changing my bookshop name from John Helvin's Books to John Helvin. This is all part of slowly bringing everything under the one brand name. Another change to take place later in the year is that the US mirror site for John Helvin's Books,, will be merged into my main website. That link will automatically redirect to when the change is completed. There will be some subtle redesigning of my website to accommodate the changes.
Here is the new web address of my Ebay Shop

We are performing an annual stocktake over the next few weeks and so that seemed an appropriate time to make the change; the reason being that very little will be listed on Ebay during the stocktake.

None of our other sites will be effected during that time.