Thursday, 22 April 2010

Courtney Love in 3D

I have been trying out various software for rendering photographs into 3D images with the aim of rendering some of my artwork into 3D format. So far, one seems to be better than any of the rest but I won't give it's name because I have not fully tested it.

I give an example of the 'crossed eyed' variety of 3D image below. It is made from a photograph that Courtney Love posted on Twitter today [copyright of the original photo belongs with Courtney Love]. To view the image as a 3D picture, click on the photo to load a larger version (it's a large file so be patient); then look at the double image and make yourself go crossed eyed until a third image appears in the centre. That image will be in 3D. Alternatively, if you are a collector of Victorian stereoscopic photos, get out your stereoscopic viewer and look at the photo through them.

The software also has the ability to create a single red/blue anaglyph, which has to be viewed with glasses that have red and blue lenses. If I get the hang of creating those images I might upload an example.

One final note, I've been ill recently and so have not been posting any blogs or updating my websites. Normal service will resume soon, along with another 'Who Is It?' competition.

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