Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Sketch of Wayne Dobson

This video is different from the previous ones because it does not involve time lapse photography. It is speeded up in the editing process before being coded into a final video. I was unhappy with the quality of video image created by the time lapse software and so I used a different camera for the above video. It did not improve matters. Although I put brand new batteries into the camera, the camera cut out before I had finished the sketch. To speed up the video and save a very shortened version caused a big reduction in picture quality. So after all the effort I went to, there was no improvement. Such is life.

The only option left to obtain a high quality image is the one thing I was avoiding due to work commitments: animating a video. Yep, stopping and starting on a sketch so that I can manually take a picture every now and then, so that eventually the pictures can be made into an animation of the portrait appearing on the paper. These sketches can normally take between one hour to one and a half hours (and I sketch at the end of a working day). Animating it could take all day. Or longer. Time lapse photography was meant to take away all that effort. I'm just unlucky in that the camera and its software has a high quality image for all its various functions except time lapse photography.

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