Saturday, 7 February 2009

Don't Mention the Weather

A whole week of people talking about the weather! So let's not mention it. We can talk about ... or we could talk about ... and then there's .... Oh Good Gravy! Okay, it snowed! It snowed a lot! Did I mention the snow? Here's a picture of the snow.

Actually, it is quite rare to see a scene like this in my home town. For some reason, the weather we get is never as bad as it is in the other towns near us. So, our town was completely unprepared for what was only about four or five centimetres of snow. That was light compared to other places. The postmen have not been delivering mail. Our buses have not been running. Only a handful of taxis have been operating and then only in certain areas. Shops in the town shopping centre either didn't open or had closed up by 3pm. Only a few died hard shops stayed open. The store where my wife works wanted to stay open until 6pm as usual. However, the shopping centre security people and the police went to see the manager; they pointed out it was the only store still open. The manager agreed to close the store early.

It's quite an event for our town to have snow on the ground. The snowflakes usually just melt as they land. Children have loved it. The plumbers have loved it too with all the burst pipes.

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