Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Well, it seems my Thomas Hill book may have been subjected to product piracy again. A seller on Amazon.co.uk called Paragon OS is selling supposedly ‘new’ copies for over £60 each – even though the retail price of genuine copies is only £10.

There are two possibilities.

One is that Paragon OS is simply being dishonest in its description and they have second hand copies, not new ones - which makes the price region of £60 extremely unfair. My book is still in print, still available, and second hand copies sell for less than £10. Whoever pays more than that is being right royally screwed by the seller.

The other possibility, if the books are in 'new' condition, considering that Paragon OS have never been supplied by me or mine with any ‘new’ copies of the book, is that they have a pirate edition.

I have reported the matter to Amazon and wait to see what will happen to the listing. They have been very helpful in the past when this has happened before. I hope they are again.

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