Friday, 9 October 2009

Stupid Gifts

Well, Christmas hit the shops last month. The local supermarket has Halloween items on display next to all the Christmas items (and the growing amount of toys). Christmas won’t get a mention in my bookshops until the 1st of December. Even so, it is present buying time for me from now until Christmas because of anniversaries and birthdays. Looking for sensible presents that people might actually want to receive is a tiring business and so I tend to have break and check out the weird gifts for a while.

I assume the manufacturer obtained permission for this one, the Maggie Thatcher Nutcracker. Says it all about the politics of yesteryear.

For anyone who wants a large tattoo but does not want the pain of getting it done, you can now buy tattoo sleeves. Just slip them onto your arms and pray that no one will notice the fabric.

For any film buffs who are a bit, or quite a bit, of a 'lack of taste' nature you can buy the blood bath shower curtains in homage to Hitchcock's Psycho.

There is lots of weird stuff out there in internet land so I won’t go on and on. There are just three more that, as opposed to the above three, I would actually consider buying.

The first is carpet skates. Yes, that is right, carpet skates. I am getting too sedentary and need the exercise. Their plain stupidity appeals to me; nevertheless, I will fend off temptation and not buy a pair.

I am more likely to buy one of these watches. The Einstein Relativity watch or the Dali watch. I need a new one and these are in my top ten choices. On the Relativity watch the numbers move round. On the Dali watch, Dali's moustache is the watch hands and the ant moves round marking the seconds. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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