Friday, 20 March 2009

The Paul Daniels Magic Show

My review of Paul Daniels' magic show appeared this week in Abracadabra, issue 3295. Now that I know which photographs of mine have been used, I can show you some of the others here.

Contrary to what newspapers have said in the past year or so about the generation of people who go to see Paul Daniels, the audience did not consist of elderly people. In fact, most of the audience were young people. Read the published review for full details.

After the show, all the cast appeared in the foyer for autographs and photo opportunities. As expected, there was a crowd which blocked my view most of the time but even after that slowly thinned out there was this gargantuan man stood in front of me who would not move. He looked about seven foot tall and three foot wide. Eventually, he moved and I was able to take some pictures.

Back row: vocalist James Ray and dancer Jessica. In front: Paul Daniels and a young lad having his photo taken with the mighty Paul.

Another fan having his picture taken with Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee.

A Wizbit fan, Paul Daniels (who was mucking about and making the little girl smile) and Debbie McGee.

The Magic Couple spent a lot of time signing autograph books, published books, photographs, the theatre programs and show flyers. One woman, the St. John's Ambulance volunteer for the evening, asked Paul Daniels to sign a whole bunch of show flyers. He asked, "Is this for Ebay?" and she replied "Yes." He shrugged his shoulders and signed them all.

These are just four of the photos I took that night, two more appear in Abracadabra and others have been held back for future publication.

Also in Abracadabra this week is the announcement that the Davenport family have decided to relinquish control of the magazine, Stephen Martin will now be the publisher.

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